Podcast Recommendations

I’ve recently had a number of friends ask for podcast recommendations. Here’s a few of my favorite episodes. Song Exploder – Black Pumas Song Exploder is a podcast where musicians deconstruct their songs and talk about how they were made. I love this one about “Colors”, a song by Austin, Texas based Black Pumas. How […]

Twenty Eighteen in Review

I originally started this blog to share updates while traveling. It’s been a while since I’ve written anything here, but the last few years have been more intense and rewarding than any trip I’ve been on. So as the year wraps up it seemed appropriate to send out a dispatch. 2018 was a year of […]

Country of Contrasts

I’m on the rooftop of the Seng Hout hotel watching the sunset over Battambang. The Muslim call to prayer is echoing across the river and the ornate roofs of Buddhist temples are glinting in the orange light. I decided to stay another day here and am glad I did. There’s a restaurant I really like: […]

List of Expenses for 7/23

Hotel Room (private bath, fan, cable, wifi, pool): $10. Breakfast (banana pancakes, mango shake): $4. Lunch (pork bahn mi sandwich): $3.50. Cappuccino: $2. Angkor Beer: $0.75. Dinner (dragon fruit caipirinha, glazed chicken and greens, coconut ice cream): $11. Total: $31.25. I admit. Dinner was a splurge. It was amazing.

The Killing Fields

This was an overwhelming place to visit. More than 300 mass graves dot Cambodia where 1.3 million people were killed by shovels, hatchets and machetes by a genocidal regime in the late 1970s. My Tuk Tuk driver, who is also a friend of my friend’s here, had never been inside Choeung Ek and walked the […]

Backpacking Big Sur

Big Sur is one of my favorite places in the world. It has spectacular views overlooking the Pacific Ocean, gnarled windswept Cypress tress clinging to the cliffs, and deep valleys of Redwood forests. I got to backpacking there for a few days earlier this month. This Point Lobos, a hiking spot right on the coast, […]

A Billion Bats

My friend Jane was on the Congress Bridge at dusk and overheard two sorority girls talking about the bats. “I read somewhere that there’s a BILLION bats here,” said one. “Wow, that’s a lot,” said the other. (Editors note: There aren’t really a billion bats. That would be insane.) I’m trying to convince my buddy […]