San Antonio

We celebrated the New Year in San Antonio, home of the fried brownie and the Alamo. We will never forget.


As you drive the highway from Austin its hard not to veer off the road for a quick visit to the Snake Farm, Six Flags Fiesta Texas, a huge medieval looking compound of outlets in San Marcos, or the Schlitterbahn Water Park Resort.

The real fun though is when you make it to San Antonio. The shot above is us walking the scenic river walk a couple hours before midnight with thousands of other revelers and their strollers and little kids.


The cost of beverages on New Years can quickly add up. The “river walk” though, is technically a park, which means you can have open containers cheaply purchased from a corner store.


We stayed at the Holiday Inn Express, since that’s how we roll, but several people had recommended the Hotel Havana near downtown. It’s an awesome little spot with a dark basement bar and amazing prickly pear mojitos.


The concierge from Hotel Havana recommended watching the fireworks from the 11th story of a nearby parking garage. It was a great view. Everyone in the suburbs had somehow acquired a huge amount of professional explosives and was blowing them off with reckless abandon.

Everywhere you looked there were fireworks, and also the main show that directly behind the Tower of the Americas (that’s right, America’s tallest observation tower from 1968 until 1996).


Liberty Bar
Prickly Pear Mojitos at Hotel Havana